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May 30th

Lace... the final frontier...

Wow... I can't really believe I actually used that title. Anyway...

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Of charts and stuff

Hi Peeps..

May 29th

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beating the thumb topic to death....

So thanks for all of the great responses to my earlier questions.
I ended up with the same problem when I used the scrap yarn for the spot where the thumb went. Here is what I did:

May 28th


Have any of you guy knitted a photo, & if you did would you care to share how you did it, please?
I'm asking for a friend. Thanks in advanced.

May 27th

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Okay.....So now what....

Thanks for the definition of a gusset. Here is the pattern that I want to use I'm so confused.

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Mitten...Thumb Gusset @#%#@ WTF?

Okay: I'm totally into mittens now. I have a pattern that calls for a "Thumb Gusset." What is this creature?



May 24th

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Sad story...funny story...

Sad story: I've been knitting Mario's Spanish Armada for a while now and had gotten to row 85. Wasn't terribly happy with the way the knit was going.

May 23rd

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Baby Niebling

Okay, after the disastrous shoe episode, my Frosted Ferns Niebling is back in progress.

May 20th

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Surface for Blocking

Hi. I don't want to reinvent the wheel that I suspect some of you have refined a dozen times over. I have never blocked - anything!

Needle sets

After my first few projects, I've discovered that I'm spending almost as much on needles as I am on yarn!