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March 30th

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Mosaic Stitch Scarf

This was knitted using the pattern for the Two Toned Column Scarf, from KnitPicks.

March 27th

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Men's Knitting Teachers?


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EZ's Seamless Sweater

Howdy all. Well, I have started EZ's Seamless Sweater (again thunder and lightening erupt as Geoff barely whispers the words). I have followed her rules.

March 26th

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I love to listen to podcasts while I knit and was wondering if anyone else does and what they are listening to?

March 20th

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Fair Isle / Selbu

Hey everyone :)

First of all - sorry for my english ... it aint to good but hopefully its better then most members norwegian :)

March 20th

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How to Determine the Amount of Yarn Needed

So, I have been watching the Elizabeth Zimmermann discs and following along in the book and I'm going to attempt the "Seamless Sweater" (Thunder and Lightening begin as Geoff barely speaks the words).

March 19th

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I miss BuduR

I miss BuduR...any one know where she is???

March 18th

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Searching for Standard Poodle Pattern

Howdy: We have three standard poodles (soon to be four, and yes, cowboys do own big poodles) and I was wondering if anyone had, or knew of a pattern that had a poodle(s).



March 16th

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Atlanta People. . .

Everyone okay? Knitch okay?

March 14th


Sorry for being men knitting crashers. But I trying to find a dog hat pattern for my Shiztu-poodle named Sugar. Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.