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February 29th

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Hoodie by Sandi Prosser

I was looking for hoodie patterns and I hated most of what I found.

February 28th

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Town and Country...Sirdar 258

Hey Guys,

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Hello Guys,

February 27th

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picking up the selvage

I don't think I'm doing this right. Which part of the stitch do you pick up? Or do you pick up both?


February 26th

Striped biased scarf...?

So, I'm currently on a trip, ran out of yarn, and LUCKILY found a LYS. I bought some malabrigo for the first time in dark charcoal and spring green, and I have an idea for a project.

February 25th

Winter Storm Hat

Here is another attempt at being creative. The hat fits!

February 24th

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Spinning Wheels?

I have just joined the site and also just had my first drop spindle class. I'm already hooked. I want to get a spinning wheel and have my eye on the Ashford Joy.

February 20th

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Hey Guys,

February 19th

The Great Blanket Race

I proposed this idea to one of my local knitting groups, and haven't really gotten a lot of feedback, so I'll toss it to you guys -- what would you think about a nice, friendly little race?

Stranding, Weaving and Life Questions

I am giving the ole beanie of yesterday a rebirth by changing colors and adding a third color.