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December 14th

dog vest - jacket

hi guys!

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16 in circular needles

I hate them. I got one to make one of my recent hats, and started working with the circular needle... I find the needle part far too short...

December 13th

Finished Stuff

Here is a sampling of some things I have done recently.

I do not take good photos so forgive that. I also do not take good notes as far as yarn, needle size etc.

December 11th

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Theodore's Sweater

I just completed my first puppy sweater. He wasn't too happy about me trying it on him, but we both survived.

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private messages going down

I'm going to work on the private messages module. I apologize in advance if anything happens to your stored messages!

December 10th

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Something odd

I got something odd coming up on my pages when I was browsing on MWN in a light shade of green that looked like this:

December 8th

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Just a Quick Hey

Hey everyone -

December 7th

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Raglan decreases in k2p2 rib - advice needed

I’m about to start a sweater, or maybe a cardigan - I’ll decide before casting on. Whichever it is it’s going to be in a k2p2 rib pattern all over.

I’m a bit puzzled about the best way to go about the decreases at the shoulders.

December 6th

I am way to new to even know where to start.....

As the title says.

December 5th

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Finishing socks

I've been busy working on my first sock and I am finally ready to end it. I was told to use kitchener stitch.