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September 26th

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Knitting virgin

First, I'll do a quick intro: My name is Zephyr, I'm 29 years old, and I've never so much as held a knitting needle and yarn at the same time. However, I'm very much wanting to start.

September 25th

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Knitting in public

if we're going to knit in public...we really MUST be dressed appropriately!
...I'm going to have to re-think my wardrobe...

September 18th

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Steek Question

I've been working on my first sweater that involves steeks.

September 16th

Blind man who is learning to knit

I'm trying to learn from text since pictures don't help me.

September 14th

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Knit Picks - new "Bare" yarn

They now offer their merino/silk blend fingering weight in a "dye your own" 100 gm hank.

Ditto for their superwash merino dk yarn

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Fall Knitty is up!

Items of interest at my first glance:

Muir - a leaf and lattice shawl

September 13th

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Knit Picks changeable WOOD needles

just got my changeable wooden needle tips and wood DP's from KnitPicks.
They're called "Harmony" needles. with the Options cables...

Laminated layers of colours...

September 9th

Looking for a crocheted clerical stole pattern

I am wondering if someone can help me find a crocheted clerical stole pattern, my friend is being ordained in June and I would love to make her one, but I don't know how to knit, but I am an avid croc

Help on a needle issue

I am working on a scarf for my wife in the round. I'm about 2 feet in and using an interchangeable system.

September 3rd

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organic cottage industry yarn

just thought I would throw this out here and see if any of you buy yarn from the small farms that sheer their own sheep and spin it in to yarn or if you all pretty much just buy from your yarn shops.