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November 15th, 2011

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2012 Calendars ...

Hey everybody, now you can get a great calendar, help fight cancer, AND have a chance to win an iPad2! You can't beat that for $20!
Hugzzz 8-)

November 8th

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Madrona - February 16-19, 2012

Madrona Fiber Arts
Winter Retreat
February 16-19, 2012

anyone planning to go?
...I am.
...would love to see some of our members there...

November 2nd

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Christmas is near ...

Just a little reminder that there's not a whole lot of time before Christmas! Here's something I think you may like to make a great Christmas present for someone you know - and you can always get one for yourself as well!

Hugzzz 8-)

October 24th

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Decreases for 2X2 ribbed hat?

I'm doing a gauge swatch with a knitting sheath and some US1 needles. In keeping with some good advice, the swatch is a hat. Like, if you're making a swatch anyway, why not make it something useful?

October 20th

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Penguin Sweaters

I just came across this article. It made me smile. I immediately thought to share it with our community here. Maybe somebody else has posted it but if not I figured that some of the family here would enjoy it and maybe contribute.

October 7th

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Shawl for my sister in law

Been knitting flat out to get this finished for Thanks Giving this weekend as my sister in law will be visiting. Made three pies and a doz butter tarts today so have a jump on dinner for Sunday, we are having a dozen or so family to the farm (Iknow have 7 chickens) so I call it "The Farm" lol.

October 2nd

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2012 It Takes Balls To Knit ... Scarves Calendar

Just letting you all know that you can pre-order the 2012 It Takes Balls To Knit ... Scarves Calendar here - This is a tabloid (11" x 17") wall calendar with 13 scarves. Yes, the patterns are included. The models are wearing nothing but the scarves! Proceeds from the sales will go towards Prostate and Breast Cancer research.

September 25th

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Custom Knits 2

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Wendy Bernard, for living up to her promise!

The opening section of her new book Custom Knits 2 clearly offering a welcome acknowledgement that ANY garment design can be adapted to a man, woman or child, AND OFFERING guidance how to make the changes marks her as an American Cultural Treasure!

September 5th

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Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is this next weekend - September 9 - 11! Three days of fiber, sheep, herding dogs, food, classes, auctions, demonstrations, the state "Make It Yourself with Wool" competition.

August 26th

men who knit in uk meet up

im new here , so hi everyone .
i was just wondering if there are ever any events where the uk members here ever meet up to discuss ideas , pass on tips , or just have a laugh