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March 3rd

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Husbear Beater

No need to explain further. The victor and victim theme ensues.

Need pattern? Go here .

The Lover Tank by Sarah Briscoe

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Summer Knit Now

What could be more tropical than a guayabera? I found this pattern in a fit of pique over the lack of summer-weight patterns for men. The original pattern was in a murky size of M/L...meaning wouldn't fit anybody.

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Weinstein's Raglan-Sleeved Henley

Good Morning All,

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Spent yesterday repotting some of my bonsai in the morning, had a nice lunch with my wife at our one of our favorite spots and then quilt shop hopped in the afternoon and finished it off with a quick trip to my local yarn shop. We then spent a cozy evening in front of the fireplace together.

March 2nd

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Then It Hit Me...

The book, "Knitting Masterpieces" by Ruth Herring and Karen Manners, was way ahead of its time. I discovered it in a dusty pile of books on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn...and fell in love. These gals lovingly and with great vision charted 20 art masterpeices from Standing Bison cave drawings to...well, to this iconic image of my youth.

This is what is on my needles. I am in knitting bliss.

March 1st

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Meet Caden

Hey guys!

I'm excited to announce my latest pattern - a scarf in Quince and Company's upcoming e-book: Scarves, Etc. 2013.

It's the only "guy" scarf in the collection.

Check it out here on Ravelry:

It'll be available for purchase/download on 3/5/2013.


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Knit/Crochet Meetup at Yosemite, Memorial Day Weekend?

Any of you planning to be in Yosemite National Park during Memorial Day Weekend? Yosemite, it turns out, is an awesome place to knit. (I blogged about it here.)