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February 4th

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Has anyone ever

just had such a problem with a pattern they totally gave it up? I have been trying to start a scarf for my partner...and I am not joking, have ripped it out 20 times. The pattern is not hard, but for some reason, I lose track of rows, I lose track of stitches, I knit the same row twice.

February 3rd

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And They Arrived

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Greetings from the tundra

So it's like this, guys. A friend asked me to knit something for an elderly relative in assisted living, so I knitted her a big cowl, which led to me to puttering around with some stash yarn and big needles. Well, after a few martinis, some bulky cowls appeared and seemed to catch the eye of some female friends.

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The Model, The Result

A friend on FB had sent me this model. Couldn't resist to get the kneedles out and clicked away