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February 28th

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New knitter in Atlanta GA

Hey guys I am 31 years old and gay hoping to find knitting groups in my area.

February 27th

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The Cossacks Are Coming! The Cossacks Are Coming!

In my knitting re-enactments of exciting but destructive events in history, I am hard at work uncovering under-explored hand-knit garments and accoutrements of victors and victims. My latest...the Steppes of Asia. Mongol patterns are so hard to find!

February 26th

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Finished the 17th Century Undershirt

I love the look of this shirt and was instantly attracted to it when I saw it in the Knitting Tradition magazine. I wanted to make it bigger then the pattern...Well I succeed in that. I made it to big for me which of course delighted my partner. It's to big for him but looks "comfy" instead of ridiculous. He doesn't care as long as he gets to something I made.

February 25th

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My Fellow Brothers In Yarns

Reading a recent blog entry about knitting and thinking got me...cogitating. What makes this activity so engaging for me? What draws me to committing time and energy to this craft? What muse stirs as I stir the knitting soup?

To address this question, without judgement, rancor or disbelief, I wonder aloud...

Antique Knitted Lace

I am in total awe of this piece of knitting. It was made my German/Swiss grandmother's sister in the 1930's. What is amazing is the size of the is probably finer than size 40 crochet cotton.
I don't think that my hands or eyes would ever be capable of attempting this !

February 23rd

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Yeah, We Call Them Pirates pattern. Not real Faire Isle, but definitely stranded knitting. As you can see from the inside shot, I used the woven stitch, so there are no floats. Makes a thick, dense fabric with nary a "Thar she blows!" through to the scalp. Used Noro silk and wool in the single colors, black and white. Light as a feather, warmer than...well, you get the idea.

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My Carlito Cardigan

Finished this about 2 years ago, but never got to post it. Changed quite a bit...but love wearing it. Indian head nickel buttons, Cuccoon is the name of the grey trim yarn. Red is Peruvia.


View of my socks I am doing

Here is a rather poor shot (not sure why my Ipod normally does a good job) shot to two of my socks, that I am presently knitting for the class. My finger weight is the red its a alpaca, silk, and nylon mix. The grey one is a wool and nylon mix.


Knitting socks II

Well today we had our second knitting class on socks. Evidently we are meeting every two weeks for 4 times; so our next meeting will be the 9th of March. Seems rather odd.
I was able to figure the mystery of the heel now, and how the basic shape magically appears with your needles. So we worked on this for about an hour.

February 20th

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Never say never

I've been so snarky about Fair Isle - it just seemed so preppy to me. But for some reason it sounded like a fun new thing to learn and here are the results.

This stuff is pretty simple as stranded knitting goes but I'm working my way up. I think Fair Isle socks may be my next project.