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January 25th

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A Couple Manshawls

Hey Guys! It's been a while, I know! I'm doing well, though, nestled up in Pennsylvania now and still enjoying knitting any chance I get.

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My recent project.

I was recently asked by about 30 people to knit scarves. Being that I am neither fast, nor rich (no one offered to pay) I only agreed to knit a scarf for the one in 30 who mattered the most, My sister. In the spirit of posting projects for the rest of you to see...Sorry guys, it is not one of Mark's AWESOME is my very simple scarf....


January 24th

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My updated Willie Warmer pattern is now online. (Shameless self-promotion.)

Well, if you don't toot your own horn from time to time, there may not be any music at all. So there. ;-)

I first published this pattern to the GLBT knit-list ( ) in late 2002. After unexpectedly coming across a hard copy of the post, I went over the pattern and decided it had to be redone.

January 23rd

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I'd like to make one of these

Does anyone know where I can get this pattern? It looks like it might be crochet. Since I don't crochet, I would need it "translated" as well. Ideas?

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Quick Big Knits

Here is more quick knits, for those really cold climates. But I do think he needs a scarf.

January 22nd

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Quick knits

Here is a mitten some of you may like to try. It is knit up quickly, and should be quite warm and toasty. What do you think?

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Zuzu's Petals and Such

Hello everyone! It's been longer than I had anticipated, but better late than never to blog about recent knits.
As I mentioned in the previous entry, I have been expanding my knitting skills and repertoire since I've moved to Minnesota and met the wonderful Jenni at the Twisted Loop. So I shall briefly recap those finished projects.

January 20th

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Double Knitting - OMG

I had some left over yarn from the Christmas stockings I made recently and ran across this pattern. Double knitting? Why not? LOL OMG I had to frog this 4-5 times before I got the hang of it! I am now making one in cranberry and oatmeal...then packing them both away in all the Christmas stuff for next year.

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a new hat and some thoughts on CHEAP needles

Hi Boys!

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Annie's tank

Finally got a picture of my freind Annie in the tank I knit her for her birthday.