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August 30th

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color affection by Veera Valimaki

Good Evening Everyone,

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quick knit cowl for fall

The owner of a local yarn store was interested in a few of my designs and asked me knit a model for her store; here's the result. The fabric is created using three strands at once and knits up quickly using size 19 needles. Light-weight and chunky, I was able to knock this out in about 6 hours. The pattern is attached.


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Wife's Denim Sweater Done

Morning All,

August 29th

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my first socks

so i too just started to knit socks this summer, after working on an ethnic multi-colored legging project for a while.

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Newbie lesson

I'm not a newbie, but I thought dye lots were a thing of the past. When I realized I hadn't purchased enough yarn for the socks I'm knitting, I went to a store and bought some yarn. Waaaaaaayyyy too light. Wrong dye lot. Having driven almost fifty miles in total, I finally found a ball of the proper dye lot.

August 27th

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Tempo Crochet Caps

CoBaSi 045a

August 26th

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Big Thanks

I want to give a big thanks to all the men on here who give me positive feedback on my knitting. You are all true artists, and an inspiration to guys like me. Big hugs and a firm handshake!!!

August 25th

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Ixidor Slouch Lace Hat

I began this hat with Malabrigo Arroyo the one in natural color and then I made one with Knit Picks Gloss in brown. Both hats were less than 50 grams of yarn and knits up very quickly. The hat can be a plain hat, a slouch
or even a tam if you block it in that manner. Blocking is what makes this hat be the hat you wwant.

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My Happy Place

The wind tossed waves of the unkind world crash upon the craggy rock of my troubled mind. There are a hundred tasks to accomplish, a thousand people to please and a million dreams I must set aside to make it all happen.

At least, that's what most Mondays feel like.