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August 30th

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Maryland State Fair ribbons

The bedspread won First Prize: a Blue Ribbon, along with a Special Award: a big Yellow Ribbon, at the State Fair. There are four Special Awards given each year for what the judges consider to be the best entries. Mine won for Best Crochet. Both ribbons are given with a cash prize.

The Fern and Thistle Shawl won an Honorable Mention ribbon.

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Who's on Twitter? Let me know. My Twitter name is: @colagay

August 28th

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Kilt Hose Kilravock

KlingonHonorKiltHoses (2)

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Scrambled Stripes Scarf

Good Morning All,

August 19th

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Sweater Progress

I am making progress on the sweater for my wife. She requested a very plain pattern and a calming gray. She's doing very well with her double-knee replacement surgery that was this past June, so calm works well for her just now. She has lost a lot of weight since the surgery because now she is able to get up and move around; walking around the block now without a cane!

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Door County, WI

Just got back from The Door and other then having a super great time I found two great yarn stores. The first is Spin in Sturgeon Bay - fabulous and huge inventory. I had a lovely conversation with yarn lady while she spun a 1200 yd hank of gorgeous hand painted rayon that I purchased - it took awhile. I think we bonded.

August 17th

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Fern and Thistle shawl

I just finished the Fern and Thistle shawl last weekend. I was scared to run out of yarn when I bought the wool, and now I have a whole unused skein to add to my yarn stash. (like I really need any more in this house, LOL)
It was fairly easy to knit. Now it's on to something new to start on my needles.

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Handspun yarn - what kind? Sock yarn - what do you like?

I am an invader. My apologies, and I will try not to be a nuisance. First of all, I am neither male nor am I a great knitter. I do knit but am still early days, and I have no experience with socks. However, I am a spinner. I came to your forum because I was doing a search about characteristics of sock yarn, wanting to know what people thought was desirable in fiber content, etc.

August 15th

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A lot of my friends having babies. So I've been making bears.

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I made a tam from left over Shetland wool for a birthday present. The pattern (Modern Selbu) is free on Ravelry. Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool size 3mm needles.