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Looking for sanity...

Okay so this is my first time back on here in a while (well over a year I believe), but I've been knitting strong all the time. I'll actually need to take some photos of some of the work I've done. I've come on really well as a knitter and I've recently started crocheting. So, why am I back? Well, one word; sanity!

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A Summer Fling (Part II)

As I was finishing this first panel, I had another idea for the opposite panel pop up in my head. It would take some work to plan, but I think it would make the tote a little more fun. So I'm debating what to do. But here is a photo of the now-completed "face" of the tote.

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Unfortunately I have to miss the last class on sock making, does anyone know of a good resource I can use for making socks? Books, youtube, hand scratched notes?

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More Doilies

Just a couple more doilies. I have a lace scarf that I've got to block and then I'll post. Of course, the last doily picture still has to be blocked as well.