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Looking for a shrug

Hi guys...I am in search of a nice shrug to make for my 85-yo mom. She lives in Florida and complains that her shoulders and arms get cold because of the extreme air-conditioning, especially during the summer. I have downloaded a few from some of the more popular sites, but find them a bit confusing to figure out, even when I email the designer. Has anyone made one that they might suggest.

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A gift from my cousin Nina

My cousin Nina and I had a date to walk through the Missouri Botanical Gardens and when she came over she gave me this.

It's exquiste and looks fantastic on the dinning room table! Just thought I'd share.

As for my stuff....I've been out in the garden instead.

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Latest FO's

Hey Guys I just wanted to share some of my latest projects. My wife and I volunteer at our local Senior Center and they were in need of things for their gift shop so I made these baby afghans for them. I enjoyed making all of them but my favorite one is the log cabin. I plan on making another one in the future. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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...not since I made this heart that was featured on Knitty! Heheehe...