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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is being held this year June 22-24. I have never been to it but I have heard that it is very well done. It is in Grayslake, IL, a far northwest suburb of Chicago, IL, USA. I don't normally promote things like this, but they sent me a flyer in search of people who would like to exhibit their jury fee.

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Free patterns

Dear friends,

2 @ a time back panels

some of you may remember from last week's post that IM working on a lace sweater for my sis. So far, I've gotten the pattern to act right for me.
The pattern is worked in panels: 3 for the back and 2 for the fronts (its a cardigan). The back panels are two top even panels worked out from the center and then the bottom of the sweater is sewn on later.