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May 27th

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mercerized cotton

I have been such a knitting slug lately this is all I've accomplished in weeks maybe months.

May 26th

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Cropped Short-Sleeved Sweater

The sweater I was making for my mom is finished. I discovered a few things as I was making the front panel borders. I made the right-front border by picking up stitches from the bottom up to avoid having to tie off and weave in ends at the neckline...I still struggle to get that perfect. When I did the same thing on the left-front panel, it didn't look the same.

May 25th

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My first attempt at kniting a baby sweater

Not that great but it was fun doing it. Yes, it is still in my stash of finished pieces. Maybe one day it will turn into a pair of socks for me.

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Thank you Men Who Knit

Thank you, to the Admin and others that allowed me to join your group. I know this is primarily a place for men to come and show off their kniting skills and WIP and finished pieces. I have so admired the men who aren't to bashful to show off and talk about their love for kniting. You guys rock! I hope to learn much from all of you.

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In need of inspiration...

My very good friend katie is 40 in August...and I'd like to knit her smething nice.

May 24th

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I spent my time in Canada knitting a shawl for my niece but will block it and gift it in the fall. In between time I knit three pairs of socks. The ones on the left are knit with Zauberball from Germany, the middle with Patons, and the ones on the right with a yarn I bought in Germany a few years ago. All are 80% wool and the rest nylon.

May 21st

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Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

I was binding off the sleeves to the short sleeve sweater I am making and found that the bind of wasn't as stretchy as I wanted it to be. So I searched on You Tube and found Cat Bordhi-PERSONAL FOOTPRINTS-Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It's a confusing video to watch for me because I am a thrower, but I followed her verbal directions and it worked great.

May 19th

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Baby Alpaca Celtic Cable Scarf

This is the recent addition to my project portfolio. Made from Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Ampat0 - Aran Weight Color 904. Using Size 15 needles. I like to do cable work, probably fits my ADD as there is always something going in the work.

WARNING - Boyfriend curse not limited to Boyfriends!

I'm the first one to admit that superstitious beliefs are just silly. However, just this week while knitting a pair of socks for my nephew, we got into a knockdown, drag out fight over his treatment of his little brother.
A couple years ago, the same thing happened with a different nephew and to this day, we're still not speaking.
There's something to it.

May 18th

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Neck warmers, socks, and my future

Hi all. When I haven't been in school, I have finished a neck warmer using spare worsted-weight yarn on #10.5 circular needles. Hopefully this will be for next winter (and colder weather). And last week I bought a newly published sock book "The Sock Knitter's Handbook" by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.