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Wine Bottle Cozy

Here's a simple wine bottle cozy that I worked up to give to a new friend of mine. I am so glad I have learned to knit and can add my personal touch to a gift now. It was fun! I used Sensations Lustrous Lamb Soft Wool Blend (80% acrylic and 20% wool). The skein lists the gauge as 18STS/24R, 4x4. Adding the cables was interesting because I used size 4 needles.

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Called out for Knitting

I haven't posted in a while but needed to rant a little (please forgive me because I can't do this on Facebook). I am a teacher by trade and today was a workday. I knew I would be in meetings until lunchtime so I took a scarf I was working on (my wife and I are doing a bazaar tomorrow and I was working on inventory).

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Arrowhead Blanket Pattern