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What I am currently reading

Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. It's new out this year and has a lot of what I have been looking for in terms of taking traditional flat designs and using circular techniques to make them in different ways. I got a really good deal on the $24.95 book at offering it at $16.47.

Socks again

Hi everyone!
Here is the group photo of some of my socks that I said I was going to post. My preferences for knitting my socks is two at a time on the magic loop. I usually use my Knit Picks fixed circular needle 47" Size 1(2.25mm) for the main body of the sock, and then I switch to size 0(2.00mm) Double Point Needles for the ribbing.

A sunny day

Another sunny day in Vancouver, and I will spend it perched in the window working on my new-to-be sleeves without the sweater. I got my new sticks from the LYS (love Knit Picks needles) and some lovely sock yarn that will be a treat to wear on my arms.

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A recent diversion (ADDENDA)

So, lately I've taken to boiling the remnants of farm animals in the bodily fluids of a structure-destroying glass golem.

And dyeing wool yarn in Kool-Aid is fun!