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February 24th

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Silly Knits

There are some projects that are just silly, and tell the world that to us, the process of knitting is sometimes more important than actual practicality. In that vein, I present the Netbook Cozy. :)

It does look cozy though, don't it?

February 24th

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Completions and starts

Just wanted to share some things I've been working on. Here are the links for you to view.

Have a great weekend every one. Happy knitting

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There Once Was a Boy Who Knit....

There once was a boy whose father used to hit him. He’d strike the boy when he came home from work, he’d scold the boy for being too thin, too weak, too smart. On occasion, the father would hit the boy with more than his hand, he’d hit him with his words. “You can’t be my son. You look nothing like me. You look stupid with that red hair and freckles.”

Hi and My WIP

Hello, I used to knit when my kids were babies, but got out of the habit because I got into other things. I recently had a minor sugary that has prevented me from being very active so I have picked up the hobby once again. I am building a throw with Wool of the Andes tweed in lost lake heather following the Bernart Twist throw pattern.

February 23rd

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Busy Playing


February 22nd

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What's your yarn preference?

So I was just wondering what yarn people like to work with? What yarn people hate to work with? Why?

I'm back

Have missed everyone. Had three more stints put in so have been down for sometime. So gald to be back . Have missed all my new friends.

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I am soooooo clever :)

Macy's had their President sale this past weekend and I needed a queen comforter for the guest bedroom. Instead of throwing out the "bag" I consolidated my left over and current stash of yarns. Instead of having them in shopping bags hidden underneath the day bed. Now I did purchase an antique cabinet w glass doors which was salvaged out of an old church.

February 21st

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Basic Pullover Vest first hang up - HELP!

The math is not working out for me which means I'm interpreting something wrongly.

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Scrabble Tile Bag

I had some leftover Peruvian Wool roving yarn so I thought I would make something practical. Nothing special, just something for my hands to do. I didn't block it simply because it's going to live in a box and used only once a week.