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Need help with pattern...

I am knitting Spiraling Square Socks by Jenny Blackburn ( and am a bit stumped on the heel set up. The directions say:

"Heel Setup:
K7, turn your work so that the wrong side is facing, P34
(Note: Knitting 7 before turning and purling 34 lines it up for the top of foot pattern later.)
Spiralling Square Socks

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First Sweater

I have been lurking around this site for a while now. Have just started my first sweater and decided it was time to post. Past knitting has consisted of socks, hats, cowls and scarfs. All projects that are relatively quick to knit up.

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For those of you who saw Dr. Oz today

My apologies for how we were portrayed. Here is the response that I am sending to him:

Dear Dr. Oz,

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New Toy

Sorry to double dip like this but I'm so excited - my new canvas hat form arrived! Just in time to show off the Neoclassic from Slouchy Beanies.

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Annie's tank

Well my first venture into womens couture is finally complete. It was a nice easy knit - one of those really relaxing projects. This is for my friend Annie for her b-day the end of November. Hopefully she'll like it and let me take a few shots of her in it. I wish her birthday weren't so far off. It was knit in Classic Elite's Firefly, size 3 needles.

The front-

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My newest doll

Hello all, I have been reading some of your wonderful stories and projects, keep up the great work! Here is one of mine: a tissue roll rattle doll! You can read more about it here: . Thanks!

Loom Dude

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Today Dr. Oz features Men Who Knit

Tune in today as Dr. Oz has a feature on "clubs" and their health benefits. Men Who Knit will be one of the "clubs' he is featuring.