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Take a peek at these pants!!

These crocheted afghan pants were unveiled by me at Show and Tell at the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. Wearing them today as part of my Halloween costume!

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Thrummed Tube Socks Anyone

Okay I've been diabetic for almost 50 years now and yeah have some circulation issues although not bad. So I had this thought because during winter I like really warm feet what if I made just a long tube sock (no heel) and thrummed them? Has anyone done that? I've never even made a sock but I'm thinking CO like 6 (or so stitches) for the toe.

October 30th

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A Christmas Bear

I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t. I had thought, “Brown bear? Or white bear? Who will be my Christmas Bear?” And I paced, and I experimented, tossed a few things around, picked up this skein, that skein, played with a green adorable thing….but, the magic just wasn’t there. I started with a scarf.

October 29th

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Dr. Oz Updates-For those who want to know

Letters were sent by my in-laws, Aaron Bush, and myself to the Dr. Oz show. As yet we have not heard any reply. It figures as they got what they wanted. I sent them dozens of pictures and they used the "most believable" ones for their show. Evidently to them no self-respecting male knitter would dare knit a lace shawl for his wife or a chemo cap for a friend who has lost her hair.

October 28th

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Updates Please!!

Small Town Knit Guy: Did you send the letter to Dr. Oz, and what was his reply?

Gregory Patrick: What was hidden in your picture?

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On A Beautiful Autumn Day


October 26th

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Babies first Ugg Boots

I have just completed these cute Ugg Boots for a friends yet to be born baby boy! They were easy to knit and I have used good quality New Zealand sheep wool!!

They have been knitted with what we refer to as double knit or 8 ply wool.

I am waiting to see them on the child. :-)

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A Chronic Disease

I've feared this disease for quite some time, about as long as I've been knitting, in fact. Denial, bargaining, natural alternatives- none of it has seemed to help. The simple fact is this- I have yarnsnobery.

October 23rd

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Back From The East Coast

Finally back from the East Coast. Family illness kept me there longer than expected. Good news is that I got to see a great deal of "fiber country" while there (really enjoyed that). AND my socks are coming along well :)

October 21st

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He Made Me Do It!

As I reflect back on life, I can't help but think that I was destined to knit. It wasn't as if someone grabbed my hands and forced the needles in to them (although I've had drunken men do just that with their own personal needle).