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KAL with Handmaiden

This was KAL and the only stipulation was to use Handmaiden fibre. I had a couple of skeins of silk and cashmere so I designed this scarf using the "Lily of the valley and Spruce" pattern from Estonia Knitting and I substituted beads for "nupps". I was going to add a edging border but had a major melt down over it lol. Maybe I will add it later.

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Kindle Fire Sock

I had a lot of fun making this. I have a friend who bought a new Kindle Fire but didn't get a case for it. So, I thought I'd make one for him. I used Peruvian Highland Wool, 4.5-5 sts per inch. I didn't take a picture of it before I sewed the bottom shut and blocked it, but it really did look like a sock, thus the name.

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Carson BEAR Foot

So, as many of you know, I knit up my little bears based on distinctive moments or thoughts that happen in my life. Of those moments, one of the most recent had me working up a bear quickly. I got to meet my great nephew a few weeks ago, a little thing just shy of 7 weeks old with grey eyes and a quiet smile.

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Searching for perfection

Dear friends,

It's been quite a week all in all. I'm not generally one to blog, Carrie Bradshaw fashion. Who are the men on men who knit after all? It's not like I've met any of you...will anybody read this?

But, I get home from a Saturday's teaching and, with a glass of wine in hand, decide to share my week with you all. We are chums after all.

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Just finished these "Glomitts" for my Father-in-Laws Birthday this week.