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January 30th

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Back from vacation

My goals were:

1) sleep
2) work on knitting
3) do other stuff

Goals met.

I must admit, it amazes me the difference in speed between something done on size 5 needles and super-chunky yarn on size 14 needles. (Yes, I have a pair of size 14. And 12. I'm OCD and have access to Google.)

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Um....sweater is done....:)))))

So I finished my sweater (Jared Flood, Brownstone). It turned out enormous. Not so much in length but around, where the gauge was spot on. It was like a tent. I'm 6'2", not exactly skinny, but there was maybe 8 inches of "ease," to put it euphemistically.

January 29th

Pattern of hat by multicoloured yarn

Hi guys,
There is a free pattern at our blog ,share with everyone.Hope you will like it.

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Josh Bennett Rowan Patterns Free Download

Josh Bennett is the featured designer in Rowan Magazine 51 (just published), and you can download the six sweater patterns for free. I have a direct link to the pattern download in my latest blog entry, along with a video link where Josh describes the inspiration for the sweaters. Check it out at

Reading Cooking Essays As Family Bonding Time

I have been married for the past six years now and my husband and I have the most adorable and lovable daughter in the whole world. She is now five years old and just started studying in pre-school. As expected from a child at this age, she is very naughty and she loves doing or impersonating what she sees on us.

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Word of the Year (And a Cute Picture of My Dog)

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Hiking in wool

Cold weather brings out the best in wool, don't you think? It was a beautiful, sunny 30-degree day here in Chicagoland. The critters in the forest that were foraging for food, stopped and applauded my knitting prowess! LOL.
Stay warm.

Just out of curiosity. . . .

Not too long ago I saw a friend of mine knitting dishcloths. In my mind it's a waste of my knitting skills and time to knit something I could buy at Walmart 3/$1. Of couse the Walmart cloths wouldn't have my artistry, but do I really need an artsy dishcloth?? No. I decided right there and then that I would NEVER knit a dishcloth.

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Lace Shrug for my 85-year-old mom

Hi guys,
I have searched online for a shrug patterns in all the free places and even the pay sides of those same sites. From what I can see, they patterns would be too difficult for me, or not exactly what I wanted. I'd almost need someone to sit next to me and mentor me through the project.

January 28th

More usefull lace!

For those of you who knit magnificent lace shawls in wooley fibers(wool,alpaca,mohair,etc.) why not work in #10 crochet cotton or linen thread (available at and create a round or square tablecloth? Your work can then be displayed and used on your own table and does not require a female to wear it! Also, cotton and linen are stronger and less fragile as lace.....heirlooms forever!