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February 17th

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Just wanted to share some sock I recently finish. I've been trying to knit a little of everything. Here is something new completed for me. Was happy how they turned out. The were supposed to be for me but my partner again loved them so he can seem to keep his hands of my stuff.

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Fair Isle Help

I have just started a new fair isle project where I'm changing to two different colours of yarn every three rows. What's happening is that I'm getting little gaps where I change yarn. Is there a way to avoid this?



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Shetland stole

I just finished this traditional Shetland stole. It measures about 80 x 200 cm and is knitted from 91 grammes of 1 ply Shetland Supreme which is about 1500metres. The patterns are from Sharon Miller's book "Heirloom Knitting".
Best regards from a sunny Denmark

February 16th

Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Right?

Now knowing that saying, why did I try toe-up socks?? I was doing just fine ankle-down when this stupid idea hit me.

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I don't watch TV, but I suppose some of you will see the humor in this.

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Zane Gray socks

These were my travel project for the last several months which means I only worked on them on long driving trips, meetings, in between big project or when dummy at the bridge table.

February 15th

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Help with E Zimmerman's Seamless Sweater

Hi Guys,

February 14th

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It has happened again, for the third time! First I myself matched the kitchen curtains at work wearing a new sweater, a few months later a colleague matched the curtains in her office wearing a cardigan I had knitted for her, and yesterday another colleague found herself matching the wallpaper in her new cardigan!

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The Basic Vest - My first truly fitted knit

Ya'll are just gonna have to hear all about it because I refuse to do this alone.

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Real Men Knit - New news article - 2/13/12

Hi guys!

Check out this article interviewing Charles Voth (aka Stitch Stud) in The Standard newspaper:

It's nice to see articles talking about male fiber artists!!