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May 30th

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Self Rewards

I finished the dang socks! Once again, so all may hear me. I hate ribbing! I don't know why, I just find it tedious. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word. I dislike ribbing greatly?

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The End of the Teddy?

It looks, as sad as the option is, as if I might have to close up shop on the teddy bears.

May 29th

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Shops in Chicago

My partner and I will be Chicago for a few days in the latter part of June. Can anyone suggest yarn and fibre shops that I should try to get to?

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my first sweater

i recently came across a very old photo of my first sweater. it was london, he was swedish, i was...naive :)

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Fun video

Our very own ksmarguy posted this on FB today... I thought you all might enjoy it!

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Afghan progress 50 rows

I know it's only been 10 rows ago that I posted, but I'm proud of this afghan. It has been a real learning experience. It's starting to take shape nicely and only 16 rows until I am 20% done. Enjoy.

May 28th

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Different size needles at the same time

I just read in this posting ( by drumpointer:

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HiyaHiya Interchangeable Sets

Does anyone have any experience with these needles? I'm looking for interchangeables of good quality (like Addis) but in the smaller sizes.

May 27th

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Long weekend...

Well what to do first. I have a long weekend, happy to say my weekend started a few hours early (perk to working for a bank). I have so many UFO's and don't know what to work on first.

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Knitting A.D.D.?

Anyone else have ADD when it comes to knitting?