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June 30th

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Trying to make my own pattern...bad idea!!!

Okay so I took people's advice on my last entry and bought Knitting With Balls so that I could use the pattern for hats/scarf/gloves because I'm knitting a present for my boy's birthday.

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Guerilla Knitting

Found this book of patterns from the mid ‘80’s at a yard sale for a quarter. “Awesome, I’ll take it.” What a crappy book it turned out to be, though.

June 28th

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New Gallery

Hello all, I just posted 2 pics in my gallery, hope you'll take a look and comment! I will post more later on.

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Knitting in Public Day

Hey, did anybody participate in Knitting in Public Day this year? For the last 8 months I've been knitting in public, so I really didn't do anything special.

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SAFF, Oct 22-24, 2010, NC

Just thought I'd let you folks in the Southeast US know about this one. Registration starts in July -- look for Schedule under the Workshops tab:

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The Ones In The Life

We've got a ways to go, but, we've come a LONG way since.

For today: let's remember Stonewall.

Happy Pride, folks!


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My half day Rocky Mountain motorcycle & fiber tour

Yesterday was one of those amazing days with beautiful weather and clear skies so I headed west and up into the mountains with the motorcycle.

June 27th

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winter projects and travel

Hi gents

Well it was a very quiet and relaxing weekend away at our place in the bush...good to escape the rat race every now and then.

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Queer's Eye for the Knit Fly

I finished my pair of boxers for the MWK boxers KAL, at last! You can view them at the following link; I apologize, but I was having issues with uploading photos on here:

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Spinning Question

To all of the spinners out there, how do you determine, while you are plying, that you have a balanced yarn? I know that there has to be a way.