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April 30th

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What I've been doing lately...

This week saw me take my first weaving class. It's called Weave In A Week and we started winding the warp on Tuesday and ends tomorrow. I have to say I'm loving it.

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Santa Clara/Sunnyvale, California

Hey guys,

Work will bring me out to Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, California next week.

Anyone out there wanting to meet up?


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Spinning Bug

So, I'm going to delve into spinning. I found a place near my house that does lessons starting next Tuesday. They also rent wheels so you can practice at home.

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The Many Faces of Apollo

April 29th

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Cary Grant knits

Cary Grant knits...a clip from Mr.Lucky

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Amsterdam & Provence

I am leaving tomorrow for Amsterdam and then in 5 days on to Provence. Are there any yarn shops in either area that I should look for ? Any suggestions are welcome.

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KnitPicks Stroll Sock Yarn Pull Problem

Hello All,

April 28th

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Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

you can purportedly spin 20yds of “yarn” from a sheet of old newspaper.

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Artisan Socks

Hey guys, it's been awhile but the great outdoors has been keeping me busy. I have been knitting however. I did these in the last month, about a pair a week.

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Hansen MiniSpinner

The Hansen MiniSpinner is an electric spinning wheel. Weighs about four pounds depending on wood...they're made of maple, cherry, and some exotic woods...and the price varies according to the wood.