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December 31st

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Can Someone Help Me With My Math?

I have been working on a few round flat pieces lately, baby blanket, doily, etc., and I started to think about how the increases are placed. I'm going to go through my thought process here.

December 30th

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Roc Day

Jan 8th, "Roc Day" 2011 10am to 5pm
Little Barn
173 McKee Road
Harvest, Alabama

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My first pair of socks made.

These are the first time I ever made socks. I'll have to say it wasn't to bad. A lot of trial and error and learning.

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Knee socks

Made these for my roommate. Says she is always cold on those Northeast winter nights.

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Testing, testing! One, two, three....

Just browsing the site, trying to figure everything out.

December 29th

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Yarn Colours

I'm finding, as I progress through my knitting experience, that I'm not finding the colours that I like at my LYS(s) or, if I do find yarn that I like, they never have enough and it's expensive.

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I Knit a Christmas Tree!

Hello all, and happy holidays! So glad to have a place like this where I can share all about my knittin adventures. My latest one was to loom knit a Christmas tree, with poinsettias and lights!

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I'm back...again

My dear friends,

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Amsterdam and Paris

Hey Boys,

Leaving for Europe tonight. Any recommendations for MUST SEE yarns shops in Amsterdam and Paris?


December 28th

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Looking for Curious Creek Fibers Happiness Is

Dudes: At the 2009 Men's Fall Knitting Retreat, we were gifted with a skein of Curious Creek Fibers Happiness is.