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December 6th

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The twelve days of Lace Shawls

For those of you who follow my adventures and mis-adventures over at MMarioKKnits yahoo group. . .

Starting Christmas Day I will be posting the twelve shawls of Christmas; one per day.....

December 5th

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FREE Pattern!

Hey Guys!

Hope you all are well.

I have a free knitting pattern on my NEW website:

Click on free knitting patterns to veiw the full pattern FREE!

December 4th

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Finished Socks

I just finished a pair of socks and thought I would share. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out. They make really good slippers or sleeping socks as they are quite warm.

December 3rd

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thanks to Knit4brains...

Without you I will never without you, I never heard of wool with mink ...
after the message Knit4brains, I found on internet a lot of the yarn MERINOMINK ... in color natural...

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My First Cowl

My Friends have been bugging me to make them a cowl. I found this pattern as a free download from patternworks.

Lace inquiry

I've seen some lace around and I'm on a quest to find the pattern of this unnamed pattern. I haven't see the lace up close, so please forgive my bumbling descriptions.

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Neat Trick! via

Okay - this is probably old news to some people - and it may well be that PayPal has had the capability for a long time...

but Ray is the one who told me about it so I'm giving him the credit.

How fast is "fast"?

A profile on here boasts that a particular knitter knits really fast. How fast is that? Can anybody beat 2 stitches per second?

check this out:

December 1st

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Red Hoodie

my granddaughter Charlie wearing a red cascade 220 hoodie I knitted for her.

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The race is on to finish my first design. I wanted it complete by tomorrow night for my Group Meeting. I hope I will be mostly done to show it off.