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September 30th

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This is not knitting but related

I finally got around to making a needle roll for my straight needles, then I turned around and made one for the circulars, two for the doulbe pointed and even one for the crochet hooks

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Knitting Club

I am very lucky to teach at Arts and Communications Magnet Academy. This year, I am also the faculty adviser for Knitting Club.

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Weave-It Afghan - Tumbling Squares

September 29th

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Question reading a pattern - Knitting With Balls wallet

Maybe I'm just not getting it... I did after all get a CAPTCHA addition problem wrong earlier :-).

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Blah and bull shit...


I have been harassed by a few girls into knitting them mary jane slippers.

I am NOT kntting these silly things out fishing with the guys.


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Sculptured Lace Scarf

Just cuz........ I've never had a chance to blog about this puppy of mine on here to if you all like it and want to make it.

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Seamless Gansey with Saddle Shoulders

So here's the other sweater that I recently finished; the one that I started while procrastinating finishing my 'Carey' sweater. The yarn is Wendy Guernsey 5ply.

September 28th

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So earlier this year, like many of us, I was inspired and motivated to find Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection Book 9.

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EZ sweater find

How timely, given the amount of posts concerning EZ and her great contributions to knitting. Has anyone else read about the finding of a sweater Mrs. Zimmermann knit for a goddaughter?