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July 31st

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Cable Sweater

Well I finally completed my frist grown up sweater. After too many scarfs and baby sweaters I took the plunge into an adult sweater. My mother saw the pattern and just had to have it.

July 30th

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Weaned, At Last! Maybe I've Grown Up!

Day Thirteen of Absolutely Free of Any Nicotine, Cigarettes, See-gars or other foreign objects in my mouth. No, wise-ass, I'm still smoking those, but I don't inhale.

July 29th

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You Can't be First, But You Can Be Next!

With all this heat, I was gently reminded of the things to come, autumnal change and the colder times ahead. My fixation with linen moving smartly along, I now must prepare for the winter.

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Maybe OT - but...

I am wearing a hat I knit!!

Check out these blue floating icebergs!! So beautiful.

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Right my lovelies!

I was shopping today and ran into a yarn deal I could not and would not refuse, so hear me out!

July 28th

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Aerilon Farmer's Cap

This is another Tapestry Crochet Hat, but the last 10 or so rows are made in Fair Isle aka Color Stranding. This is a different type of crochet for those of you that don't know crochet.

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Lovered Prices

I couldn't get pics to load as attachments, so I figured I'd just post another entry with this pic. This is why I loved the prices in Vik!! ;-)

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Just joined

Found this site a couple of days ago after sniffing around looking for info on knitting that is not targetted at chicks.

July 27th

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In Memoriam - Bruce (a.k.a. Scenter)

It's come to my attention that the knitting community (especially MWK) has lost another member, Bruce a.k.a. Scenter.

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In Iceland - yarn everywhere!

We just went to a very basic supermarket - almost like a really old bad K-mart but with food and produce, and there was this entire section with yarn - and some really nice wool yarn - some hand made