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November 30th

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Christmas knitting for men

Lars made a funny post that made me think of this. Howzabout we each share a story about knitting a holiday gift for a guy/s in our life?

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I don't wanna...(1st EZ BSJ)

I don't want to finish this. I'm having too much fun handing this amorphous piece of knitting to friends to see if they can figure out what it actually is.

November 29th

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The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care

So I promised my friend Tom I'd put up pictures of the Christmas stockings I've been working on. And here they are.

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Finished Brooklyn Tweed Hat

While the hubby bear was sleeping this morning, I finished one of his Christmas presents - the Koolhas hat I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago.

November 28th

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Joe Supported My Yarn Habit

A while back, Joe-in-Wyoming recommended a shop in Casper that he frequents. Today, I went to that yarn shop he recommended. The Dancing Sheep Yarn and Fiber store is a very nice store.

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Academic knitting

This is a question I've had for a while, how man of you learn a certain technique just because you think you should know it?

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Endless green

Take two brownsheep lambspride worsted, and one aracana magellanes in green, do a checkerboard with a garter border, switching yarns each row and knit until the first skein runs out.

November 27th

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my first project

Here are a couple of pictures of my first ever completed project. It’s a two-color spiral rug crocheted from jute gardening twine, two strands per color. Half double crochet throughout.

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Baktus Scarf

I am heading home soon and didn't want to start a big project. I found the Baktus Scarf by Strikkelise on Ravelry and it seemed to fit the bill.

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Cabled sweater vest

This is the sweater vest I finished recently. I'm very proud of it -- though of course as I was getting ready to photograph it last night, I noticed a pretty glaring (to me, anyway) error.