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December 29th

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Accused of lying...a good thing!

The shawl that I knit for a girl at work -- she loves it and so does everyone in her family.

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FREE knitting pattern (CUSHION COVER & THROW) designed by Jody Long for Jamie Possum

Cabled Cushion Cover & Throw

Size Excluding Borders cm in
Cushion Cover 41 x 41 16 x 16
Throw 160 x 160 45.5 x 45.5

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FREE Knitting pattern (MRS HOPPER) designed by Jody Long

Easter Rabbit


K – Knit P- Purl sts – stitch (es)
Beg – Beginning tog – Together RS – Right Side

December 28th

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My First Handspun - or - Hooray for Learning!

I just couldn't wait for actual lessons with someone with experience. I have a good understanding of the concept of spinning, how a wheel works, flyer and bobbin assemblies, drafting, etc.

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Happy New Year!!

I had a brain lapse last week and didn't post Holiday best wishes other than individually. So....I want to wish all of you the very best of New Year's in 2010.

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looking for a for test knitters..

Would any of you find strapping men like to test my glove pattern.

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Aeolian Shawl finally off the needles.

I feel as though I've worked on this all year, but I think it's taken me about 8months to finish this fully beaded, lace shawl. I am calling 2010 the year of selfish knitting.

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Make it work: X-Mas edition~ Llama Poncho repair

Starter on the truck went out... no traveling but for bike and bus, and bus doesn't run to the island on the holidays.

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Kumo Stole Pattern posted

I just got my results from my Stole Pattern and posted it on my blog for anyone that is interested...

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Posh Mitts pattern

So Donna * my friends mom* LOVED the gloves. She literally screamed when she opened her gift...I wanted to knit more of my own designs for 2010 so I think this is a good start.