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October 31st

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Happy Halloween 2008 or 2408

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Happy Halloween Boys!!!

Ride 'em cowboy!!! Yee Haw!

Have a safe and happy Halloween Night!

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Happy Halloween!

I made "Boo" from a pattern from out of Bernat cashmere and size 5 needles. This is for my friend Ren who is a bat fanatic.

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FO : Starmore Vest

Hi all - crawling out of the shadows to post some recent success....

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Hi there

Have been dropping by every now and then to see what everyone is up to, and there has been some amazing work.

October 30th

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Birthday presents

I made some farmer socks for my brother-in-law out of Briggs and Little Tuffy and a pair of socks and a pair of mittens each for my sister and sister-in-law.

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Highland Triangle Shawl

I just knit this shawl for a petite (probably all of 90 lb) friend of mine. I had to make significant pattern changes (lots fewer repeats) to make it an appropriate size.

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This is my "WTF Is That Hat" or "WTF Hat" for short. It's an original double-knit (and therefore reversable) design. Don't ask me what the design is supposed to be. LOL Modeling images attached.

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Floobidy Hat

Here is my Floobidy Hat. Attached are images of me wearing the hat along with a couple of detail pictures. This is an original design. Thanks!

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I love youtube, sometimes I can surf there for hours. I learn some great things there but this.....