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December 13th

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Thanks to those of you who posted in response to my beret question. While this pattern says it is a's probably more like a tam. Either way the recipient called today to say she loved it!

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OMG - I just saw the WORST MOVIE EVER

and strangely it had extremely well known actors in it, and I mean WELL KNOWN ACTORS, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gueller, Justin Timberlake and it was JUST BAD....LOOK INTO IT....

December 12th

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Friends on Ravelry

Hey guys, I've been expanding my friends list on Ravelry... If I haven't added you yet, Add me!!!


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On to the Next Part of the Men Who Knit Fitness Challenge - Jumping Jacks or Jump-n-Jacks

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MWK Scarf Second Posting

Well I am going to be working on my partner's Scarf this weekend. I know that I am doing a great job as I want to keep the scarf for myself lol!


I have mastered the knit stitch and pearl stitch. I have finally learned how to rip and put the yarn back on the correct needle. I am hoping that I can now finish a project.

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MWK Fitness Challenge

Several of you have mentioned interested in it... I thought I'd put it up for a direct discussion.

We're coming up on a great starting date: January 1, 2009

Time Period

December 11th

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Well, It looks like The MHK 2009 Calender needs some help. It has come to my attention that people have been bringing up the Idea for a Fitness Challenge. Maybe for the MHK2010 Calender.

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Very OT: My Mother Passed Away Last Night

The title pretty much says it all. I got a late night call that my mother had slipped into a coma and died. Cancer.

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Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange

Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange.....I'm busy working on my swap scarf......this was my inspiration...(grin)