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July 31st

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Booklets for Inspiration

I got this booklet today and I am already thinking of making it someday soon. Most likely longer. I thought it would be a great challenge to make it in a Wool blend.

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Cool Cotton For Kenya

One of the projects for July in the charity group that I knit for, is called "Father's House, International" and this particular group is sending things to the Ukraine and Kenya...

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Norwegian Tomten

I've always had this thing about Scandinavia, and so, have begun doing a set of Tomtens in the colours of the different flags...

Here's body, blue cross, white trim...

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Red Hooded

'nother baby jacket -- went out a couple of weeks ago

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Some more stuff..., I've done a few more things for more charities...

...and they're still grainy webcam shots, but, they'll have to do until I get a REAL camera...

July 29th

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Knitters Uncensored, episode #05 is online!

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Yay! Knitters Uncensored episode #05 is out!!! Go download and listen!

Your iTunes might not have downloaded this episode automatically, depending on which version of episode #04 you download. In order to fix this, you have to delete episode #04 from your iTunes, then unsubscribe from the feed and then re-subscribe to it. That should fix everything. ;-)

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My Student's work!

Hand-dyed by my students on Saturday my socks yarn dyeing class at Hissy Knit.

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Dyeing Class students pic!

Applying some dye on the hank. The class is $40. and that included 2 hanks of sock yarn (880 yards) and all the materials!

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My Dyeing Class Display and Samples

All my class dyeing and knitted samples!

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TEACHING a Socks yarn dyeing class!

On last Saturday, I was teaching a socks yarn dyeing class at the yarn shop. It was great class and also great hot day for dyeing!