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June 30th

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Yarn Heaven, Arlington, TX

I found a very nice place of worship today. Yarn Heaven in Arlington, TX. The staff was friendly and helpful and the selection was HUGE. Size does matter! They have many different brands and fibers. I ended up with South West Trading Company's "Melody" and a skein of their Bamboo, and a set of rosewood DPNs. I found the prices comparable to other LYSs I've visited. They do have a great big 'bargain bin' to peruse. It may not be the prettiest storefront, but it's what that's inside that matters. If you're ever in the Dallas Metro area, I suggest you take a peek. I wish I would've had more time to shop... but I was supposed to be working.


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Crochet Hooks

I must confess to being very spastic when I try to use a crochet hook. I can inflict far more damage with the bloody hook than I could ever do with a pointy needle. It's no wonder that I took up knitting instead of crochet.

At the NZ Knitters' Weekend, I met Jenny King who is an Aussie crochet designer. She is a lovely person and a fantastic crocheter. She has commissioned her own line of bamboo crochet hooks which are beautiful, and if you must use one, lovely to hold. I ordered and just received mine and I'm so pleased that I thought I'd alert others here about them. The hooks are bamboo with very nice hooks ends. I only use crochet hooks for repairs and have not, until now, found any that I could use easily. Somehow, the hooks are cut just right for me.

So, I biffed the metal and plastic hooks I had in my knitting tool kit and added these lovely wooden hooks. I think it's a bloke thing but I love quality tools!

Have a look at her site; you won't be disappointed:

She is such a great person and talented fiber artist! If you order from her, tell her "Hi!" from me!

June 29th

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Knitting Video CAST #4 "The Summer" Episode!

Hey everybody~~

"Knitting Video CAST #4" up! This week's Video Cast is all about the SUMMER Knitting "LACE"

This week iam going to talking about:

-Thank you: Guido at "It's a Purl Men" and New PodCast "Damknit" for sweet shout out!

-This Week's Online Yarn Shipping:
"Cavyshop" at "" Great hand dye yarn from Jocelyn. Free Shipping All the Order!

-Knitting Blog Review:
Robbie at "KnitXcoreE" Guy Knitter

-Talking about Summer Knitting Book:
1. Lace Style by Pam allen and Ann budd
2. "Shawls and Scarves" the Beast of KNITTER'S Magazine by Nancy Thomas
3. Lavish Lace by owner of Cherry Tree Hill Cheryl Potter

YarnPorn this week: Katina "Matinica" color #7703 Summer yarn(Remind me of Caribben Cruis)

Music of the Week:
"Only you" by Makana
Makana is native Hawaiian Tradinal slack key Artist. Visit his web at download the song!

PLEASE visit my blog SEE my VIDEO CAST(copy and past the link) at

Thank you!

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Knit Wits

I believe I posted this once before awhile ago, but since we're featuring it again at work, I thought I'd give it some love here, as well.


June 28th

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Entrelac Scarf

Here's a belated photo of the completed scarf I was working on, wrapped around my sister, its new proprietress...

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Ravelry Hooray

I got in last night! - I wonder how many others are in already - it is like being let into Disneyland and there's no lines - I'm clicking all over the place and while I don't quite understand the site yet, I think it's the place I have been trying to find that will organize my knitting projects - it's THE thing I have been wanting...

as long as you have good internet connections (sorry, Mario - I understand your plight) and a decent computer, you should have LOTS of fun on the site -

if you haven't signed up, do so - get in line so you can get your invite (it took weeks and weeks to get invited) and you'll be able to check it out yourself! :)

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*sigh* I must say I am disappointed. So much hoopla and people so excited. But I doubt I will spend much time there.

first and foremost the site is so slow to load (noticable at work over a T3 line - excruciateingly painful at home over dial-up)

I have no access to Flickr (not by choice) so have no way to load photos at Ravelry.

The site is very counter-intuitive to my mind. This is most likely my fault, I know that features I hate on some sites are the reason others like the site.

To me the place reeks of clique-ishness and MySpace/YouTube mentality"

So many up-to-the=second bells and whistles are in use and included that people without access to such (for example: those of us rural dwellers who have no choice but to use 24k* connections because there is nothing else available) are handicapped severely. aut0omaticly creating a "second class" citizenship

So I guess the not so fancy mainly text forums will remain my mainstay.

* on a good day - connection is often slower.

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G'day mate...

For all the Men Who Knit in Sydney, Australia... I'm heading your way soon! My partner and I are popping across the Tasman to check out the Melbourne scarf festival and then spending a few days in Sydney where I'll be attending the SSK knitting group on Saturday July 7th. It would be great to catch up with other male knitters while I'm there.

June 27th

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About the shawl

wow! thanks for the great comments!

here's a photo of the entire piece as some of you requested.

the shawl:
Pattern: Swallowtail by Evelyn A. Clark (Interweave Knits Fall '06 ).

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back in the fold

It has been far too long. New hobbies have arrived, and a slight obsession with brewing beer took some necessary funds away from knitting. However, I'm back with great urgency. There is a sweater that I offered as part of an auction. This, however, never got done. I am resolved to make it before this year's auction (noting that a one-year layover is less than awesome). Thought I would share something that I found on youtube a long time ago - rather humorous.

Enjoy, and be well.