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December 17th

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Greek Fishermen Sweaters

I can't believe I'm here with Christmas presents awaiting completion. Ah, well. Always looking to the future.

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Does anyone know any good resources for intarsia grid pictures. I need to make an anatomical heart, hands, and a spider and I need some inspiration.

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Christmas is almost here

I just finnished my last Christmas gift for my family. A hooded sweater done is cable for my niece.

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My Christmas Wish this year...

My wish for this Christmas is a local knitting group.

December 16th

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Tychus Hat Variation

Inspired by Patchworkjester, I decided to give the Tychus a try. However, I didn't stripe the colors. I carried the two colors together.

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It another question off the regular topic of knitting

It another question off the regular topic of is about bobbin lace......i would like to know about bobbin lace......i have done some research on and i gotten some instruction resources

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Blue Moon Tychus

I used some of the leftover grey because I thought there wasn't enough yarn left to just do two colors.

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Wow, I'm Flattered

I had several people (a bunch actually) ask me to write up the pattern for the white beanie I made. I did, as best I could.

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Finals are almost over...

Finals are over on wednesday and I can get back to knitting. Thank goodness for winter break. I have a few projects started but have not yet had time to finish anything.

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Doily with Spiral

Here is another pattern i done and i would like to know what you guys think about is made out of pink medium worsted yarn..... size 8 needles.....