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December 29th

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Damn Pictures

I was given a new digital camera, so am experimenting with it.

December 28th

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My Own Design - HAT

This is my very first own design.

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Okay, I hope I don't terrify anyone with this, but I've never really blocked anything.

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Just Another Beanie

I whipped this up from yarn left over from my Christmas knitting. Same pattern as the white beanie.

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The Yarn Sale

My favorite yarn store, Wool & Co in Geneva,IL is having a pre-inventory sale this morning starting at 7 am... I got here at 5:11 am and am the fourth person in line!!

Quick HELP w/ tbl

first off i am totally stoked to be knitting, i am learning from the book knitting w/ balls, its super good but i am having problems with it, like what Knit Through Back Loop means, and if it is expla

December 27th

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My First

I had a male friend show me how to cast on and knit from there.

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Great KIP Tee Shirt

I am going to order one of these for KIP in truckstops. It should put a halt to some of the more stupid questions LOL

December 26th

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Poor quality gift yarn...

Ok, it happened again. My friends know I knit, and when it comes time to give a gift, sometimes they give me yarn. These friends got me a few balls of thin, synthetic yarn.

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Faux Spanish Lace by Mmario

YEAH!! I finished it!