Archive - Mar 5, 2013

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Men Who Knit in Los Angeles?

(insert the sound of a pin dropping here)

Come on, I know I'm not the only one. Any of you fellow Angelenos (as opposed to Angelenas) interested in meeting up for some social knitting?

I'm in Echo Park, but I wouldn't be opposed to driving, say, 15 miles to get in some all-male knitting action once a month. Anyone? Anyone?


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The Measure Of A Man

In my travels through the halls of the venerable Fashion Institute of Technology, a sad truth became apparent. I suspected that the corporate committee decisions regarding fit on a man were, and are, almost criminal. Mannekins are in abundance, all in womans size 6 or men's 40.

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Newies But Goodies

Whenever I hear the term "oldy BUT goldy", I reach for my revolver. Usually, to me anyway, it means what you hated then, you can hate now. Remember what-ever-the-hell-hiz-name-wuz? Almost as sad a thought as the poor boys and girls who haven't read, listened to, or seen anything created before 2005. You know...vintage stuff.