Archive - Mar 12, 2013

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WIP's and Chain Stitches

I have another work in progress (WIP, to the acolytes among you) on the needles...and I have reached a decision point in my life.

Shall I remain a faithful knitter (tips that touch crochet shall never touch mine)? Or combine knitting and crochet (gasp!) perhaps committing apostacy...I avoid wrath whenever possible.

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Knitter Needed

Hi guys, I was recently contacted by someone who needs some knitting done. The project she asked for was beyond my abilities, but I immediately thought of my brothers in arms. If this is something you can do, contact Tance per her message to me below:

"Hi there, I am looking for someone to do knitting of women's tops - here is an example of one that I have...



Here is some pics of my afghan I put together this winter. I bought the yarn when I was visiting in Indy. They had after Christmas sales. I bought a few skeins per store. I think there were like three of them, that I hit when I was there.