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February 6th

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Knitting book online

Just found out that one of my favourite knitting books (published in the 80s) is available to read for free online! It's very difficult to get hold of - I am lucky to have my grandmother's copy. The book, written by Vibeke Lind, was translated into English as "Knitting in the Nordic Tradition" but I guess those copies are just as difficult to find.

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Created new caston

I created a new cast on for ribbing yesterday and wanted to let everyone know. if you want me to show you how to do the new caston pm me and i will show you

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Just Curious

Are there ANY other male knitters besides myself in Little Rock, AR????

February 5th

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Craft Yarn Council teachers certification test.

Has anyone taken the Craft Yarn Council's instructors certification test? I am just wondering because I have to take the test. Michael's has approached me about teaching Knitting for them and I am just wondering if anyone else has taken the class.

Thanks for any help.

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Help and advice please on Two Colour Knitting

Hello everyone. Now I want to pick the brains of all you wonderful knitters.

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Jeny's Metamorph Moebius Cowl (Video and Pattern)

Hi guys! I came across this video last night and I'm pretty intrigued. Jeny (who came up with Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off) has made a cowl that when double and buttoned goes from being a straight tube to a moebius. And depending on how it is buttoned more twist is added, making it more snug and therefore warmer to wear.

February 4th

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The New Sweater Is Emerging

The new sweater I am making that I bought form Staci at It feels like butter; so soft and firm enough to hold up the collar with only a small additive. I have just gotten to the part where the sleeves have been slipped off and the torso of the sweater. Now the increasing is finished and I will make it as long as I like, about 27" I think. Then the arms and last the zipper.

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Has anyone ever

just had such a problem with a pattern they totally gave it up? I have been trying to start a scarf for my partner...and I am not joking, have ripped it out 20 times. The pattern is not hard, but for some reason, I lose track of rows, I lose track of stitches, I knit the same row twice.

February 3rd

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And They Arrived

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Greetings from the tundra

So it's like this, guys. A friend asked me to knit something for an elderly relative in assisted living, so I knitted her a big cowl, which led to me to puttering around with some stash yarn and big needles. Well, after a few martinis, some bulky cowls appeared and seemed to catch the eye of some female friends.