Archive - Jan 2, 2013

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Knitting groups in Connecticut????

Does anyone know of any men's knitting groups in CT? Hopefully around the southeastern portion of this tiny state?

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A New Year and Question for All

Hello all who read this. Happy New Year. Aside from a scarf and mittens, I will admit I haven't done much knitting this past year. My focus has been on training/school at the community college getting a prosthetic technician diploma. I was a bit unsure of things at the beginning. But now I am glad I am sticking with it.

Progress so far

Two pictures of the several rows of jumper I've done so far.

Not too impressive yet, but the detail on the ribbing's coming through nicely.

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Almost a year since my last post!

Wow - I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted. So, I've got a few things accomplished that I want to show you. My last post was of a shawl by Romi Hill called Elektra.

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Hey there!

hey hey! My name is Anders. Im a noob on these forums so I thought i'd say hello c: I am a fairly new knitter and so far my completed projects consist of 6 hats I knit for new years gifts and I am now working on a pullover sweater. I really would like to find a pattern for some knit pants or a knit jumpsuit so if you know of any free patterns for any of those please send me a link or something.

Starting knitting again

After several years' absence I have decided to start knitting again. I want to knit a replacement jumper for one of my favourites which now has holes in it where it was chewed up by my friend's pet rats!

Something simple to get me back into the swing of things with a basic 2x2 ribbed pattern all the way up.