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January 5th

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Shawlette - Spinoff Winter 2010 Off the Needles - Blocked & Done

Good Morning Guys,

Well the NEw Zealand Possum Shawlette came off the needles this morning. The one skein of Possum I had was not enough to complete the project so I paired it with a cranberry color wool from my stash to complete the boarder. It is Lanaloft 100% wool from the Brown Sheep Company. Now all I need to do is block it this afternoon. I post a complete picture when she dries.

January 4th

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Knitting Mochimochi

From left to right: Human Bean, Petite Pencil, one of the Hamster Herd and Plucky Mushroom-patterns taken from the book "Knitting Mochimochi: 20 Super-Cute Strange Designs for Knitted Amigurumi" by Anna Hrachovec

Signature art needles

Guys, have you seen or used signature art needles?
They are the Cadillac of knitting needles! The reviews are Awsome!!!
They run 318.00$, for a set of circular's. I'm thinking of taking the plunge, and purchaseing. I would appreciate your input.
Thanks, -RJ.

Boneyard from Steven west, almost compleat

Knitted held double with kidsilk haze and malibrigo,
The halo is Amazing.

January 3rd

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It's been a while since I've posted a FO... Probably because I haven't finished much of substance lately! Nonetheless, I did finally finish my eldest daughter's sweater (I knit each of my two daughters a sweater each year). This year, they're getting matching Wallabies (I think...) I just finished Sophia's today!

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Happy 2013

Happy New Year. First day back at work and did a little spinning yesterday. Also finished a commissioned scarf I crocheted and now getting ready to teach my new crochet class at the LYS. It's this coming Tuesday wish me luck. Never had to teach a group have only done individual private lessons with friends. Cant wait to see what this new year brings for all of us.

January 2nd

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Knitting groups in Connecticut????

Does anyone know of any men's knitting groups in CT? Hopefully around the southeastern portion of this tiny state?

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A New Year and Question for All

Hello all who read this. Happy New Year. Aside from a scarf and mittens, I will admit I haven't done much knitting this past year. My focus has been on training/school at the community college getting a prosthetic technician diploma. I was a bit unsure of things at the beginning. But now I am glad I am sticking with it.

Progress so far

Two pictures of the several rows of jumper I've done so far.

Not too impressive yet, but the detail on the ribbing's coming through nicely.

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Almost a year since my last post!

Wow - I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted. So, I've got a few things accomplished that I want to show you. My last post was of a shawl by Romi Hill called Elektra.