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January 11th

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My last completed project

I actually whooped with joy when I finished this afghan. As you can see, it's quite large as that's a double bed it's on. (And yes, I made the quilt underneath as well).

January 10th

Blanket for my mother 2nd FO pics

This blanket I done for my mother.

A few more FO! Pics

Knister's , this is the curvy Noro wrap done in noro kureyon.
I love this yarn the color way, and the halo is amazing..

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Head Band

Here is something else I completed over the holidays. My mom wanted a head band that would also work as ear warmers. Made this out of some yarn she had laying around mad a matching cowl to go with the head band but forgot to get pictures.

January 9th

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Watch Cap - Bruce Weinstein "Knits Men Want"

Good Evening Guys,

Pattern done with the long rib.

A lot of FO's

Knister's I am now able to uplode pics via my iPad, YAY!!!
Thankful for iTunes updates. With that being said I will go easy on the pics. A few each day. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and I'm thankful for the feed back.
Happy knitting, BTW, January is selfish knitting month, so go for it and knit something fabulous for yourself.

January 7th

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A New Year, and Hopefully Some New Projects

I had a post Christmas knitting season goal of finishing up a batch of unfinished items.

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Crochet Cowl

Just wanted to share a quick project I finished last week a crochet cowl done in malabrigo

January 6th

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Update on LYS owner dispute

Several of you asked for an update on the dispute I was having a few weeks ago. Well it has ended and needless to say I decided that yes I want to meet and take classes with Cat Bordhi, but not with tension in the room. If you read that it had spiraled, boy had it spiraled.

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Lachie's hat

Hi guys. I'm new, but I've been following this blog for a while. I've come back to knitting after a 30 year break and WOW, aren't things different these days. Men's knitting groups on line, Ravelry, pictures of everything, help everywhere, not to mention circular needles! And the yarns are astonishing compared to the 70s/80s.