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July 19th

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Kirrmaier II Part C - Detail of I Cord Bind-off

Afternoon All,

July 17th

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Kirrmaier II Part B

Good Evening All,

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Anyone Heard of Dragonfly Fibers?

If not, you have now, and it is amazing.

July 16th

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Seeking tips for socks

Okay, I'm taking the plunge. I have size one needles and fingering weight sock yarn. I'm looking for tips, tricks and suggestions before I start. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


July 14th

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Knit care

...or to your man who knits!

July 13th

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To machine knit or not to machine knit?

Hi friends,
I have not posted for a long time. I have been hand knitting for about 10 years now and continue to knit daily. I have become curious of late about machine knitting. Are there any of you who have any words of wisdom for me about where to start? I would appreciate information about your personal experience with working on a machine.
Wade in Florida

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Double Knitting - Take Two

I have been researching Double Knitting(DK) and wanted to share what I have found so far. Here is a list of DK tutorials in picture form.

July 12th

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A New Hat Project

Thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try some fun cabling. Color coding the patterns seems like a wise thing to do. Time will tell.

July 11th

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Ribbons, The Tour, But Not Related (a cross post from my blog)

First let us discuss the ribbons. Do you remember this?

July 9th

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BT Men Vol 1

Just love Brooklyn Tweed's Men Vol 1. I see several projects I'll need to complete. Love Jared's & his friends designs.