Archive - Jun 19, 2012

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Hello again!

Hope everyone is well....Haven't been doing much knitting lately except for making these iPad and Kindle cases for friends and buyers. I've been looking to get into some more alternative fun and original stuff. I want to make a men's tank top. I haven't found a pattern for just the shape. I wanted to do a diamond mesh lace.

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Malabrigo Slippers

Good Morning Gents and Gentle Ladies that our part of our community. I hope those of you that are fathers had a great day and those of us who celebrated our father present and past had a good day too. I just wanted to add one more slipper for your viewing done in Malabrigo worsted mixed with Cascase 128 for the bottom.

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Another class in knitting

I took a class call beyond the basics in which I am learning M1R, M1L, YO, KF&B, SSK, K2TOG and SP with yarn in front. At the end I'll have a nice mini shawl and I'm hoping I'll be able to make a scarf that uses YO and SSK throughout the pattern. I've tried to make it 4 times now ending with pulling the whole thing out and starting over.