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June 2nd

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Well, you asked!

June 1st

I need a break!

I've been knitting daily since I learned and have really enjoyed every minute of it (ok, I know I make a lot of negative noise about new stitches or so but. . ) up until the lace sweater.

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Thanks to Johnny on New Stitch a Day, this old dog learned a new trick. I followed his tutorial on the Whelk Stitch and knitted a prayer shawl of which I am quite proud. It has a nice drape and is very cuddly. Now...time for a celebratory martini...or two.


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I seem to be putting off the inevitable (getting down to work on a lesbian murder incest opera...) and came across Kieran Foley's website. I'm not a great lace fan, but I fund his designs really inspiring. There are some free patterns there too...