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June 14th

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In My Absence

We've been as busy as this little bee...

June 14th

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Things that I learned by choosing a freaking lace wedding shawl as my second major project:

1. Lace work is not bad on a huge circular needle.

2. Don’t show anyone your lace until you have blocked it. They will think you didn’t ball-roll a skein correctly or you are knitting a handbag. It looks like crap until blocked.

3. Repeats can be nasty if you don’t understand just how many the author really wants you to do.

June 13th

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Seattle Men Who Knit

The "Seattle Men Who Knit" group is still going. We have a small, but regular group of guys who meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday (7-9pm) at Elliott Bay Cafe (in the back of Elliott Bay Bookstore) in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Seattle.

If you would like to join us, you can find us on Ravelry, here:

June 12th

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Loafers for fathers day

Haven't posted in a little bit I just need to get better at getting my projects up and posted. Here are two loafers that are almost done for you guys to view.

June 10th

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finally something got finished

This is Quinton's Kelp Grove Scarf, I love the pattern and it's an easy fun lace project. I was originally going to do it some yellow linen I had but from no where this hand painted merino popped up. I have no idea where it came from but it was perfect for this pattern. Thanks Quinton for sharing it.

June 9th

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Even Decrease

I know how to do an even decrease accross a row. But the insturction says " K1, p1, k1, p39, dec 4 sts evenly, k1, p1, k1-41 sts."

What are they trying to say when it falls in the middle of the instruction like that?

Knitting Website

Check out this website....very good and comprehensive for beginner knitters....

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HELP!!!! Moss stitch chaos

I'm knitting a cardigan with a button band edge in moss/ seed stitch. I noticed that I'd done a wrong knit or purl a few rows back and thought I'd just unravel back and redo with a crochet hook....but fixing it doesn't seem to be working and I've got a very sloppy looking bit which looks worse than the original mistake.

June 8th

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7 x 7 Throw

I had a bunch of worsted weight acrylic yarn that I wanted to use up so I double stranded the yarn and used a larger needle size. This is just a 7 x 7 rib throw. The only thing I would do differently if I was knitting again would be to add an additional 7 stitches in garter on the other side. I didn't think about it and one side is stockinette and of course it wanted to curl.

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Hemlock Ring Doily

This was an enjoyable knit.