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Neck warmers, socks, and my future

Hi all. When I haven't been in school, I have finished a neck warmer using spare worsted-weight yarn on #10.5 circular needles. Hopefully this will be for next winter (and colder weather). And last week I bought a newly published sock book "The Sock Knitter's Handbook" by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.

Toe up socks, one more time.

The competitive part of me won't let the toe up sock nightmare go. It looks like im forced to try again. This time though, I've promised myself to really read the short rows section for the heel again and again. It was such a nightmare the first time that I've blotted out the attempt. Even though its foggy I think I ran into a snag when it came to picking up the wraps.
Wish me luck.

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Old Forge from Stephen West

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